Thursday, December 9, 2010


So I recently came across a new comic strip online: Abstruse Goose. Today's strip was a riff on an old joke I first heard from Andy Engelward: Mathematicians are machines that turn coffee into theorems. Well, that bent a little gansta, so maybe folks are listening to the Klein Four Group. (I'm a big fan of their tune, "Mathematics Paradise"...)

Given the season, perhaps you could give their 12 Days of Christmas a listen...

btw, Abstruse Goose strip #323 should be read by all COBOL programmers who are fans ST-TNG.

Since this is mainly a math post, let's get a few other links out there:

If you use LaTeX a lot but can never remember the crazy LaTeX name for some random symbol, just draw it! That link was passed along to me by a friend in Florence.

TED always has something interesting about math education. I found Conrad Wolfram a little less compelling than Dan Meyer, but both are worthwhile.

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