Friday, December 21, 2007

Time teaches you what is important

On the latest holiday installment of Top Chef, Marcel comments (as nearly as I can recall) that "if you aren't in the weeds then your dish is too simple", where "in the weeds" can be translated from chef-speak into "so buried by the details that you can't see the big picture". I prefer the chef term "mise-un-place". The real point here is that almost no one's dish--whether it be something created in the kitchen, code on a computer, or an engine block in Detroit--is too simple. We're all buried in the details most of the time.

Which gets us to David Allen's  "Three Cheers For Sloth, Indolence, And Procrastination!", where he wants us to slow down to go faster. This came up recently on a crossover episode of  "Without a Trace" and "CSI". Grissom must be in cahoots with Allen, but Jack would rather go faster by going faster.

There's a balance in there somewhere and we each have to work this out for ourselves. So sit down and have a conversation with Time. Maybe you can figure out what's really important and what can be safely ignored. You can't get it all done. Like Allen says in his post, "if you actually did get it all done, Time would be out of a job". Time's not going to be collecting unemployment checks any time soon...

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