Thursday, October 11, 2007

Much of the news isn't...

Did you ever notice that much of the news isn't really new news.

We don't hear about ebola outbreaks for weeks after the fact. Trust me. Go and find the the latest outbreak reports in your local news media. Then go to the World Health Organization and find out when they were first posting reports. But hey, we know the moment the judge rules on Britney Spears' kids.

This was brought to my attention most recently in class. Everyone is claiming this study linking heart health to marriage health is new. I heard about it weeks ago from our pastor in a sermon.

Sigh. Do we really trust these guys to report?

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Anonymous said...

Of course we shouldn't trust the news to be accurate. That's why I read the Economist. It may be biased, but at least it covers world news and isn't US-centric.