Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First pitcher candidates

So who could we get? I think we can give up on Jaun Damòn and Minky. Steinbrenner would never give us permission to talk with them. Likewise Roger, but wouldn't it be nice to give the blade a twist? Hmmm. Maybe Steinbrenner might give us permission to talk to Roger...

And it'd still be a twist'o the knife, but there's a part of me that would just love to see Nomar toss out a pitch at Fenway 'cause we all like him so.


Anonymous said...

First pitch(es) tonight will be from 20 members of the 67 team. I'm surprised there are that many of them left.

Why is the first pitch scheduled for 8:37? Wasn't 8:21 late enough? Do we really need another 15 minutes of pre-game coverage? Here in Boston they did a poll - something like 92% thought games should start earlier. Does West Coast viewership really make up for everyone they're losing on the East Coast?

Maurice said...

The phrase "because they can" comes to mind. Fox News reports that Boston had a household rating of "52.9 ... and peaked at a 57.0 rating when Coco Crisp slammed into the center field wall." In contrast, the last Super Bowl had a (US) household rating of 42.6 and they consider that good.

And that was just the ALCS. Boston is definitely a baseball town.

At least I can waddle home from class before the first pitch.