Friday, October 19, 2007

Do you believe?

I guess I have to stop complaining about the inherently non-home field advantage of MLB's seven game series 2-3-2 format. But think about it... If the Indians had managed to unsettle Beckett the other night by having his ex-girlfriend sing the national anthem, then the Indians would have won the series while playing more games at home. Even though the Red Sox had home field advantage.

But that's moot now.

I won't repeat stats here. But for all the wonder on the Red Sox side of things, I have to note two things from the game 6:

1. Indians first baseman Ryan Garko handed a ball to a kid in the stands (who was wearing a Red Sox shirt). This after getting very upset that another kid took the ball away from him (in the stands) in Game 2. So his karma has found some balance with me, for all he wouldn't care. Still, it was good to see...

Some day, I really do want to be the fan in the first row shaking his head no at the other team's player who wants to come into the stands a little to get that foul out...

2. Maybe I should see about doing some post season exercises with Indians catcher Victor Martinez. He was slower than Manny around the bases after his HR tonight, and that's saying something. Maybe all that jawing about Manny's pimping the HRs has left him winded.

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