Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cowboys and Indians both win!?

Peter, I'd attribute the quote to you on that one but I wanted to preserve your anonymity...

Torre is a class act. The Yankees will miss him if Steinbrenner sticks to his guns. Of course, they may be missing a lot of folks by the time they get back to the plate. We'll see.

So Game 1 is on: Beckett and Sabathia should make a good match up.

As for the the Football Team That Shall Not Be Named (again), I found myself in the odd position of being an old time Red Skins fan rooting for the Cowboys. Dick Jauron's timeout call at the last second was poor sportsmanship despite being technically within the rules. Maybe Torre should have a little talk with him. It's clear there are New Yorkers who can do better.

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