Sunday, October 28, 2007

All over but the statistics now...

No small limb any more. I'm beginning to wonder if the Sox will even bring this back home. I thought for sure that we'd go six rounds with these guys, but... Lester or Beckett will likely do it there.

So my mind begins to wander. What was the deal with the Rox fans? The Jolly Green Giant? A Star Wars storm trooper with "CR" across his forehead? Why would you even want to associate yourself or your team with the bad guys? There were some other odditied from the stands, but those were the two stand outs. Can someone from Denver explain this to us? Was it Halloween night on Blake Street?

DiceK with a hit? Cool. Cooler would be Lester coming back from cancer to win the last game. But could they get past Beckett to send it east?

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